Bold As Spring

Bold As Spring

The Bold As Spring flower mandala radiates the energy of joyous becoming. It’s about creating for the sheer joy of creating, being in the flow and riding that wave in delight.

Spring is a powerfully expansive time. There’s a marvelous exhilaration in the air that comes with reborn activity. Spring’s nearly irresistible energy rises and expands. This is the energy used to manifest, to break bonds, to express creativity in all its forms, and create change.

Spring this year was absolutely amazing, the trees bursting with blooms! I don’t remember a more gorgeous spring. Often it’s only when the mandala is completed that the energy message is fully revealed. This time, as I worked on Bold As Spring, I was aware of, and filled with, the exhilarating energy I’m describing.

In this mandala you can see the soaring, singing birds, and how profusely the trees and plants were flowering.  It was most definitely a joy to create.

To me Bold As Spring expresses being happy in this very moment, and joyful in the unfolding of your creation and what’s to come. This is the place to Be, and also the place to take action from.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi

I wish you many blessings, much joy, and creations that delight your soul.

2 comments to Bold As Spring

  • Love that Rumi quote. I agree, spring gives us a really special energy to go out and explore the world, to do things that we weren’t able to do when couped up during the winter months.

  • Beautiful, the blooms look like my angel winged begonia.