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The New Romantic Market has just published a gorgeous Holiday Gift Guide for 2009. This year’s theme is Old Hollywood Glamour. Our market manager, Gale Bez (aka FatalAttraction) has done a truly spectacular job creating the guide. I know you’ll enjoy seeing at this beautiful collection. When you follow the link, notice in the upper left corner, you can click on a button to show the guide full screen. Hitting Escape on your keyboard returns you to your regular screen.

Also, for Cyber Monday (the Monday following Thanksgiving) there’s a special collection that will run from November 20-30. Quite a number of our shops are offering different specials, and/or free shipping and discounts. Details are available at the individual shops. Order soon and take advantage of these wonderful offers.

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At the New Romantic Market, we’re celebrating this return to glamour with our “Old Hollywood Glamour” Holiday Collection. If you’re looking for special, one of a kind gifts for holiday giving or a fabulous party outfit, take a look at this collection. This year, say no to plastic gifts and the same-o, miles of repeat stuff at the malls…make a change in the way and the place you shop. Do your Christmas shopping at the New Romantic Market, where you’ll find the most exquisite and amazing artworks, designer wearable glam and fine craft.

The artists of The New Romantic Market offer you a collection of holiday gifts and wearables centered around elegant, romantic ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ sophistication. Surprise your gift recipients with a very special ‘glamorous’ gift this year from the New Romantic Market. Glamorous Christmas gifts for the home, for the art lover, for the fashionista, for the bath…seasonal greeting cards and a journal and pen to record the events of your glamorous holiday season.

The following is a Spotlight collection that I curated featuring a few of the artists from the New Romantic. If you click on the picture below it’ll take you to the spotlight home, where you can click on the individual items. You’ll then be able to see each item more closely and purchase it if you wish.

Go get yourself a nice cuppa whatever you like best, and have fun with your shopping!

Items from the New Romantic's Old Hollywood Glamour Collection

Items from the New Romantic’s Old Hollywood Glamour Collection

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