Heart Focused

Thoughts of spring, for me, always include bleeding hearts. As the days warm, I begin to watch the spot in the flower bed where I know they’ll be, checking their progress each day with delight and anticipation! This year has been their very best so far.

In this lovely moment, the leaves of my bleeding hearts glowed with the light of the setting sun. These tiny flowers, such perfect hearts, are a wonder of nature. More than romance, they’re a love message reminding us to stay heart focused. And, as Rumi wrote, “If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart. ~Rumi

Heart Focused

Heart Focused © Karen Casey-Smith

Shut your eyes so the heart may become your eye,
and with that vision look upon another world.
If you can step away from your need for self-approval,
all that you do, top to bottom, will be approved.


bleeding hearts in early spring

*Imminent Hearts © Karen Casey-Smith

*This second photograph was made five days before the first photo on this page. Both photos are of exactly the same stem of flowers. Each little heart was about an eighth of an inch wide. They were so tiny! I just thought you might like to see them, and how quickly they grew. This is why I honestly watch them each day. I’ve been told I’m easily entertained – a good thing! 🙂


4 comments to Heart Focused

  • I awed into this, Karen Casey-Smith, last evening . . . what tender beauty both your words and your photograph. How I love seeing the the tender wee flowers and leaves emerging. I’ve taken watching/being with my garden a tiny step beyond . . . Come night I strap on a Head Light (allowing my hands to move freely) and softly check the day’s plant growth/changes . . . a garden’s night life is wondrous!

    • Ooooh! Oh, how wonderful! I haven’t been out in a garden at night in too, too long, and haven’t ever experienced it in that way. Thank you for telling me about this. ♥

  • Sharon Voysey

    Stunningly beautiful!