Fun With Photographs!

Poladroid open on my desktop This is so much fun, I just have to share it with you! It’s the Poladroid application for Windows and Mac. The picture here on the left is how Poladroid looks when it’s open on my desktop.

Just drag and drop your jpg or png file onto the camera there, and wait while it develops before your eyes. The program creates high resolution (400 dpi) Polaroid™-like pictures from your digital photos.

You can even shake the little picture while you wait. Just right click on the picture that comes out of the camera and click on “I want a sample now!”. This lets you save copies at different stages of development. Then you can choose your favorite(s). The results are random and different each time you try it. You get ten treatments per session, just like the old cartridges. The developers do have a sense of humor!

There’s a Flickr group for these if you really get into it. They are cool, and you just want to show them off. So, yes, here are just a few of mine. 🙂

Brownie Target Six-16 Box Camera

Sweet Brownie Camera

Giant Black and White Dairy Cow statue

Giant Dairy Cow

Rose colored ranunculus macro photograph

Love In Bloom

Water Tower with billowy clouds on a sunny day

Water Tower

Fun? Yes. Enjoy!

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