The Joy Inside

Look closely and you’ll see this flower mandala is overlaid with a symbol of sacred geometry known as The Flower of Life. This ancient pattern’s overlapping circles form flowers that symbolize life’s connections, which are woven through all beings. The hearts, representing the ever present energy of love, formed naturally in the making of the mandala by the petals and leaves of the Freesia flower. Your own connection and alignment are found within in you, and are expressed as joy and love. The message of The Joy Inside mandala reminds us of all these things.

The Joy Inside - Flower Mandala Art

The Joy Inside

The Joy Within - flower mandala detail

The Joy Within - <i>click for close up detail from the mandala</i>

While in a state of joy and love, you’re in a state of connection and alignment on all levels of your being. You’re in alignment with your true self, and with your Source. It’s from within this place of alignment that you become aware of your connection with everyone and everything.

This alignment, this connection, isn’t found outside yourself; it is within. The joy is inside. There are many paths to this place, though it’s only in silence that you fully experience it. This is the place where you directly know unconditional love, from where you create, and receive guidance. Only when you know unconditional love yourself, are you able to give that to others.

Don’t be concerned that you aren’t here all the time. Personally, I don’t think we’re meant to be in this state constantly, though it’s good you’re here so often that you can find your way back at any time, and as easily as you know your way home.

Keep on knocking ’til the joy inside opens a window
look to see who’s there.  ~ Rumi

Visit this place inside often. I wish you much joy. ♥

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