Happy New Year!

Happy, happy 2012 to you! What if this is your best year ever? What a delightful question to contemplate. I do wish everyone an awesome new year, one that seems made to order from your dearest dreams, dreamt of while you were in a joy filled state of love.

In my 2012 Flower Mandala Calendar, the Emissary of Light Mandala is the featured mandala for January. It was inspired by an Indian legend that the water lily was once a star. It fell from the sky onto the water, and changed into a flower.

Each of my mandalas carries a unique energy, a vibrational message. You might notice this as a feeling quality as you gaze at them. The Emissary of Light Mandala is about being at ease with transformation, and having trust that all is unfolding in divine order, in perfect timing – it is.  🙂

Emissary of Light Water Lily Spiritual Mandala Art

Emissary of Light Mandala

Wishing you love, light, and happiness, and beauty. May your year be filled with blessings! ♥

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