Summer Clover

It won’t be long before you can be lying back in the clover on a warm summer day, shaded by a favorite tree, watching the clouds. The lovely soft scent of the clover flowers is all around, and far off in the distance there’s the humming song of bees collecting nectar. This is your daydream too, so you can choose whether you’re enjoying this by yourself or with someone you love.

I’m so happy that I know how wonderful clover flowers smell. In the summertime, the whole yard is filled with the wonderful, soft scent. They’re so pretty too. I try to wait as long as I can to mow the lawn when the clover is in bloom, because I love the scent so much. It gives the bees some extra time to gather nectar too. They’re making honey somewhere!

As pretty as clover flowers are, shooting them in macro reveals a beauty I hadn’t been fully aware of before. Macro photography can show you amazing things that would normally go unseen. The vintage style image, Dreaming In Clover, is one I shot last summer. Because of where I’d saved it, I only rediscovered it last week. Pictures really are like a journal entries, maybe better. In an instant they can bring back a wonderful experience, so rich in detail, of the time and place of the image capture.

Summer will be here soon. Make some clover chains, slow down now and then, and breathe deeply. Enjoy each moment.

3 comments to Summer Clover

  • Sharon

    I loved your blog on Summer Clover and the macro shot is stunning, possessing both the beauty and sweetness of summer.

  • Beautiful clover photo. Remember all the red clover in springtime at the Million Dollar Outhouse overlooking the lock and dam in Russellville? Lovely!

  • Thanks, Michelle! Yes, I do remember and you’re right, it was lovely. 🙂