Happy Valentine’s Day

A poem of passion printed on a postcard that was sent to her by a suitor. It was postmarked August 15, 1909. We found this postcard in my great-grandfather’s trunk of personal possessions.  The card had belonged to my great-grandmother before she and my great-grandfather were courting. In those times young people often sent messages to each other on beautiful penny postcards. Considering what we found in the trunk, they both seemed to be quite romantic.

That postcard was one of my favorites, and I memorized the poem as soon as I read it. Though that was years ago, I can still recite it. I love it, and love thinking of her so young, and how thrilling those times must have been for her. 

This is the perfect day to share the passionate little poem. Only recently I discovered that it’s the first stanza of a poem called If I Were, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, written in the late 1800’s. Can you just imagine sending these love messages through the mail on postcards, especially in a rural area? I’m sure that everyone knew all the details of what was being said. 😉

If I were a raindrop, and you were a leaf,

I would burst from the cloud above you,

And lie on your breast in a rapture of rest,

And love you, love you, love you.

~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

My Own Green World

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you can release any expectations you have for the day, and reflect on the love you have in your life,  and the ones you love.  When your heart is filled with love there’s no room for anything else. That can open you to having the best kind of day. There’s much joy there for you. ♥

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