Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom Where You're Planted card

Bloom Where You're Planted greeting card

Military Brat is an affectionate term for any person whose parent(s) served full-time in the military during that person’s childhood. The official flower of the Military Brats is the dandelion. This is such a perfect choice. Dandelions grow and thrive nearly anywhere. Notice them growing in a crack in the sidewalk, and you see what I mean. Dandelions are resilient, adaptable, and not only tolerant of a wide range of environments, they flourish. The seeds of the flower are taken by the wind and blown far and wide.

I only went to eight different schools before graduating high school. There are many Brats who went to more. The most exotic place I lived was Alaska. For a girl who’d only seen snow one time from a train window, Alaska seemed very exotic. Thanks to my parents, and especially my father, moving was a big adventure!

Growing up in this way taught me a lot. Even though I’m not an extrovert, I can walk up and talk to anyone. It taught me to be open-minded, and to regard people as individuals. I learned how much the same we all are, and to find our differences interesting. It’s true, I don’t feel I have roots in a place, but I have the strong connections of family, and friends who are like family. There were wonderful things about every place I’ve lived. It was a positive experience and I wouldn’t wish it any other way.

Bloom Where You’re Planted* was created to celebrate Military Brats everywhere. I don’t think that’s an official motto but it’s so appropriate, and just what Brats do. I’ve read that experts say military children are well-rounded, culturally aware and tolerant, and extremely resilient. This does seem so true of the brats I’ve met. 🙂

There’s Military Brats Online for anyone who’d like to connect with other Brats. I’m happy to be part of the Military Brats of Etsy, a supportive and talented group of Brats who are also Etsy sellers. Their blog does interesting features on members of the group, and helps to connect people who have the unique background of growing up in a military family.

*If you’d prefer Bloom Where You’re Planted as a greeting card, they’re available through my RedBubble shop.

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