When Angels Speak

A ceramic angel sits on the sill of a beautiful arched church window.

When Angels Speak

Some of the most beautiful windows are found in older churches. The pointed arch, and graceful flowing lines are so beautiful in this one. How perfect that someone had placed the little angel on the window sill. It’s a wonderful reminder that angels are always near us.

Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.Β  ~ St. Francis De Sales

It’s often said that prayer is speaking, and meditation is listening. Both are necessary for a good conversation. So, after you ask, be sure to quiet your mind, and listen with your heart to hear your answer.

“To speak with angels, look into your heart; it’s there they place their words.” Though I’ve read many things written about angels, this isn’t a quote I’ve read somewhere. I believe it came to me as an answer to my own question. I love and appreciate this every time it happens!

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