Uplifting Books – Creating A Charmed Life

Do you have a friend who always says the perfect thing, the thing you most need to hear? I have a few books that feel like just that kind of friend. They can always be counted on to be there when you need them. They only give advice when you ask for it, and they’re always kind, encouraging, and honest.

One of these books is Creating A Charmed Life by Victoria Moran. I found it in a bookstore. After I’d read a few pages, I found myself wishing I knew someone to buy it for. I really loved it. In a very uncharacteristic move, I decided to buy it for myself. I rarely do things like this. I’m just not an impulse buyer.

Each two to three page section has thoughts and tips on creating your own charmed life. I take it down from the bookshelf, and open it randomly to read a section. I find that it really helps me put things in perspective on those days when I seem to have misplaced mine! It’s wonderful as well, for those times you would simply like something uplifting.

To give you an example, today when I took it down the section that it opened to was called Retire Your Too-Too. She counsels us to give up any too-too’s that we have. She says, “The only purpose of  a too-too is to inflict pain on its possessor.” What a difference it makes if instead of saying, “I’m too heavy” or “It’s too late”, you drop the “too”. This could be your starting point for change instead of an excuse for misery. You can feel the defeat in a statement that contains “too” right away. When you drop that “too”, you then have a choice about where you’ll go from there. Maybe you want begin to enjoy where you are by taking good care of yourself, or decide if you want to make the necessary internal and external changes for your new reality. The choice is yours. She finishes up this chapter with these words:

When you cease limiting your possibilities, you can live so that every day brings gifts as welcome as a check in the mail. A too-too is a major limiter. Look for ways to see yourself and situations that arise without the restrictive “too.” This will free you up for discovering alternative routes, gifts in surprising packages and blessings in disguise.

I’ll be sharing more of my go-to books in future posts. There are several! 🙂 It just seemed like the day to share this one.

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