Summer Colors

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. ~ Rumi

It’s a lovely sunny day today, a good day to post some summer colors from around my neighborhood.

The little pink bleeding hearts are growing in the front flowerbed. They bloom in spring, though spring seemed a bit late this year. This picture was made in the middle of May. They are the sweetest flowers. These look like charms on a bracelet. Isn’t it marvelous that a flower could be this shape?

Pink Bleeding Hearts flowers against green leaves

Charmed, I'm Sure

The feeder is up this year, but I haven’t seen a hummingbird at all yet. Everyday, the nectar is lower, and I refill it, so I know we have at least one diner. I’m happy knowing they have food, but still I’d just love to see one! I will soon. 🙂

This little female hummingbird came to our feeder all last summer. She never hovered. She would always come and perch to sip. She was very pretty, and so much fun to watch.

Hummie - female hummingbird sitting at a feeder


Not too far from home some lovely people have beautiful purple irises planted around a tree. They make a spectacular display. I do appreciate the flowers everyone plants in their yards, and the beauty they add for everyone to enjoy. It was windy the day I made this photograph. The petals were fluttering in the breeze. They have outstanding color!

Bearded Ladies - purple Iris in bloom

Bearded Ladies

When I wrote Peonies For Prosperity, Happiness & Peace a while back, I learned that the Chinese name for the peony, Sho Yu, means “most beautiful”. It’s easy to see why. The peony has such rich history and fascinating lore surrounding it. The bloom time is nearly over for theses gorgeous flowers this year. This past Monday I was lucky enough to spot this beauty! The lighting was just right. The gorgeous pink colors made me think of cotton candy and spun sugar. Then, I found myself singing Lips Like Sugar, sugar kisses by Echo and the Bunnymen. Sugar Kisses just seemed to fit this picture.

Sugar Kisses - pink peony in full bloom

Sugar Kisses

It’s fun to get to share some of the beauty I see with you. Enjoy the flowers and birds wherever you are!


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