Summer Carnival

Carnival Color - close up of colorful lights
Carnival Color

Summer carnivals! There’s an excitement in the air. The colors, the motion of the rides, the flashing lights, are all so cool. Everyone is there to have fun! I do enjoy all these things, and love seeing everyone in such good spirits, though I can only go on certain rides. Roller coasters are fine. Things that go round and round – not so much! 😉

It was a really beautiful day, and I had a great time taking photographs. These are just a few I made. You can see in the last picture, we were so lucky to have a fabulous sunset to enjoy. I hope you’re enjoying your summertime too!

Cotton Candy Stand - daytime carnival snack stand

Cotton Candy Stand

Take the Plunge - fast drop carnival ride in motion

Take the Plunge - that's a fast drop!

Pharaoh's Fury I - Egyptian themed carnival ride in motion

Pharaoh's Fury in motion - like a barge on the Nile!

Pharaoh's Fury II - Egyptian themed carnival ride

Pharaoh's Fury II - a really cool looking carnival ride!

Ferris Wheel at Sunset - against a golden sky

Ferris Wheel Sunset

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