Peonies For Prosperity, Happiness & Peace

Sho Yu is the Chinese name for the peony. It means “most beautiful”. It’s fitting that the lush, lovely peony is often used as a metaphor for female beauty. A most auspicious flower, they symbolize prosperity, happiness and peace. They are regarded as an omen of good fortune. Chinese peony paintings are often hung in the home for good luck and in the office for a prosperous business. It is the flower of riches and honor. Pictured in full bloom, the peony symbolizes peace.

A Handbook of Chinese Healing Herbs by Daniel Reid tells us the skin of the tree peony root is used medicinally, and has earned the title, “King of Flowers”, and “a hundred ounces of gold”. It’s part of the famous women’s tonic called Four Things Soup, that can also be beneficial as a blood tonic for men.

A sensual flower with a heavenly scent, it is said that they also embody romance and love. I was surprised to learn that peonies are a native of Siberia. One legend, from Greek mythology, is that the peony was named after Paeon, the Greek god of healing. In ancient folklore, it was believed that the moon goddess created this flower to reflect the moon’s beams during the night. Isn’t that one lovely?

The peony is used as a in Feng Shui cure for love and romance. This is said to apply especially to two pink peonies. They can assist in attracting an ideal mate, enhancing your love life, and in having a lucky marriage. (Feng Shui “cures” are alterations in your environment that result in desired life changes.) In the ancient art of Feng Shui, there’s a great deal of helpful advice for the optimal placement of all elements in the home.

It can’t be a surprise that there’s so much lore concerning this well loved flower. Whether you would like to bring more good fotune into your life or simply enjoy their beauty, peonies have a rich history. It’s easy to see why they are an enduring favorite in the garden.

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  • One of my all time favorite flowers. You do beautiful work. A bright spot in anyones day.

  • Sharon

    This is such great informative information on one of my favorite flowers! I love this Peony capture. It makes me think of the ancient art of China, so beautiful and delicate.