McGinnis Slough in Autumn

One day in the fall I was driving down south here in Illinois, and saw a Forest Preserve sign for McGinnis Slough. Since it was someplace I’d never seen before, I drove in to take a look around. It’s really pretty amazing!

I’d love to go back and explore some of its 1260 acres. McGinnis Slough is just a small part of a 14,000 acre preserve in Cook County, Illinois.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, the Audubon site says it’s a phenomenal place in the fall for watching migratory birds. Over 80 species of birds have been spotted there. Audubon reports, “One fall day, 3,000 American Coots, 300 Ruddy Ducks, 100 Buffleheads and 350 Double-crested Cormorants rested on the lake.” Wow, I would love to have been there to see that!

I’m so glad I stopped that day. I’ve learned a bit more too, not only about how important the wetlands are for birds, but their importance to our ecosystem as well.

It turns out that the best time for birdwatching there is in the fall, early in the morning. Maybe this fall I can get there early. Wish me good timing!


McGinnis Slough, a wetlands in autumn located in Cook County, Illinois

McGinnis Slough in Autumn

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