The Lovingkindness Blessing

This Lovingkindness Blessing is one version of a very old traditional blessing. Say it for yourself, say it for those you love, and (maybe especially) say it for those you’re in conflict with. Say it sincerely, with feeling! and without expectation. Observe the magic of it for yourself. Things will shift in a positive way with this powerful practice. They can’t help but shift.

First, it’s important that you say it for yourself. Peace on the outside begins with peace on the inside. As the Dalai Lama says, “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” So, like any good flight attendant would tell you, put on your own oxygen mask then help those around you.

I swear to you, if you are deeply peaceful, you will begin to notice that everyone around you is more comfortable and happy. How you are is that important. You can’t do blessings for yourself, and not change for the better, and you cannot send a blessing to another being and maintain any unkind feeling toward them, or about them. Offering peace, love and good wishes, your feeling toward others changes, then without you doing anything else, they will also change in how they relate to you. Don’t try sending a blessing to get them to change though. It’s necessary to have your heart in it, and no expectations, only a sincere wish for the happiness of others.

Next you can send blessings for friends and others you love. Then you can begin to send them for neutral people, which would be someone you’re often in contact with, but you don’t have strong feelings about. After that you can move on to difficult people, blessing all of the above equally. Now you’re ready to send blessings to the entire universe.

If you find yourself resisting sending to a difficult person, give yourself time, and continue the previous blessings until you find you’re able to bless them as well. You aren’t offering a blessing for anyone’s behavior, so it’s not about deserving. If each person is at peace, has an open heart, and can realize the beauty of their true nature, is healed, and a source of healing – isn’t this something you could sincerely wish for everyone?

Lovingkindness Blessing

May I be at peace.
May my heart remain open.
May I realize the beauty of my own true nature.
May I be healed.
May I be a source of healing for this world.


May you be at peace.
May your heart remain open.
May you realize the beauty of your own true nature.
May you be healed.
May you be a source of healing for this world.

Some of the benefits of the practice of Lovingkindness:

  • peace of mind and sense of well-being
  • sleep easily and wake happily
  • does not suffer from bad dreams
  • good health
  • easy concentration
  • bright complexion
  • antidote to ill will
  • dear to humans and non-humans (affection and good will of all)
  • devas protect
  • people around you are more comfortable and happy
  • contributes to a world of love, peace, and happiness
  • one dies unperturbed

The benefits of this practice were appreciated by the ancients, and are increasingly being recognized by present day researchers.

Many blessings

“But listen to me. For one moment
quit being sad. Hear blessings
dropping their blossoms
around you.”

There are a multitude around the world who pray, meditate, chant, send light and love, and work for your peace, happiness, and well being. It’s an amazing feeling to take this in the love being sent our way on a conscious level. And while I’m only one of many, I also say this Lovingkindness Blessing for you.

I’ve designed prints with the Lovingkindness Blessing on them, using one of my photographs of the sweetest fern “heart.” I thought it would be a nice reminder for me to say it each day, and that others might enjoy it too. There’s a 5×7 version, and a 12×9 version. You can keep one near as a reminder, or they could be sent as a gift. Best of all, simply offer this blessing from your heart.

 ♥ Karen


A special thank you…

This particular version of the Lovingkindness Blessing, I found, and used with permission, on Dr. Karen M. Wyatt’s website, Creative Healing. “Dr. Wyatt is interested in spirituality and applying Integral Medicine concepts to the care of hospice patients and the medically underserved.” She’s a public speaker and the author of What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying. Here’s her beautiful, and inspiring, personal story of the power of Lovingkindness. Thank you, Dr. Wyatt!


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