Goldfinch Happiness

Goldfinches are stunning. In summer, the males have brilliant yellow feathers, black caps, and black wingtips. The females are subtly colored, but every bit as beautiful.

I love the undulating flight path of goldfinches, and their cheerful songs. In Ted Andrew’s book, Animal Speak, he tells us that “Goldfinches are rarely silent. This in itself is a reminder that Nature is speaking to us constantly and that we should learn to listen and communicate with it from all levels. It reflects that the nature spirits are around us at all times.” They are a lovely reminder of this wisdom.

In winter their feathers change to an olive color, so you might not notice that they stay the whole year round. At our house they always have thistle seed in a special upside down feeder just for them. In the warmer months there’s also Echinacea (purple coneflower) growing, which they seem to love when it begins to go to seed! They’re always most welcome here.

These are just a few of the many (many!) pictures I’ve made of them. I hope you enjoy these beautiful birds, and the gentle message they bring.

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