Fireworks Fun

Trying to make pictures of fireworks is nearly as much fun as watching them! The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday. It’s summer, you can barbeque, there are fireworks, and it’s our anniversary too. It was a great choice for a day to be married. We always have the day off, there’s general air of celebration, and it’s so easy to remember the date! 😉

Freedom, independence, and love are awesome things to celebrate. I hope you’ll enjoy my little fireworks and sparkler display, and that everyone had a fun day!

Fireworks, five mortar shells, 2011 display

Fireworks I

Fireworks, five mortar shells, 2011 display

Fireworks II

Spellbinder - sparkler fun


close up of golden fireworks explosion with red smoke

Fireworks III

Whee! sparkler fun


Grand finale, on the ground view, colorful smoke

Grand Finale - ground view


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