Danza de la Vida

Danza de la Vida - Life's Dance Flower Mandala in red, orange, green & gold

Danza de la Vida

We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows. ~ Robert Frost

My new flower mandala, Danza de la Vida, is filled with movement and dancing colors! Can you see the dancers twirling in their colorful red, orange, gold, and green costumes?

If you choose, the Danza de la Vida (Dance of Life) can be joyful. Filled with emotion, learning, and growth, life’s manifestations can be mesmerizing. Notice how this mandala draws you to the center? The center is where the Great Mystery is found. Your center is where you discover the key to the joy of your life.

Join the dance, keeping your awareness of the mystery and stillness underlying, and interpenetrating everything. This allows you to align with Spirit, to respond instead of reacting to life. You will then be moving with your own flow and guidance, living the authentic life you were born to live.

Now the dance is a joy moving through you.

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