Consejo de las Rosas

Consejo de las Rosas is my newest flower mandala, my first new one in quite some time. It was created from my own photograph. I’ve been feeling the pull to create one for awhile now. From time to time, I need to remind myself not to put off doing the things I love, no matter how busy I think I am! Maybe that’s best said, take time to do what you love especially when you think you’re too busy. Actually, some great advice from a dear friend is, do what you love first in the day. You truly do get more accomplished when you do things in that order. It really works; I know it does. Try it, and see for yourself if it’s the same for you.

The name, Consejo de las Rosas, means Council of the Roses in English. I’ve been learning the beautiful Spanish language. It seems to convey the feeling of the mandala so well. I love these roses. They’re the deepest of reds, with petals like fine velvet, and a heady fragrance. Don’t you love it when you’ve been smelling the roses and the scent gets on your nose so that you catch that fragrance again and again as you go about your day? Ahhhh!

Each mandala carries a unique energy. This one is a heart centered connection, and calls the many parts of yourself home where they are unified, renewed and empowered, connecting the energy field to all light. This is best of all places to be, and to act from.

One of the lovely things about these mandalas, in fact all mandalas, is how they can draw you in to focus and still your mind, allowing you to reconnect to the timeless “you”. They can be healing, balancing, and transforming. They are a visual meditation.

Be sure and click on the picture to see a larger version. Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


2 comments to Consejo de las Rosas

  • So beautiful, Karen! And your descriptions are so well-written!

  • cheryl

    This is so rich and elegant! There is so much depth in this–like you have captured the very soul of the rose. You know I love all of your work, but this one really took my breath away! Thanks for sharing.