Sweetness and Light

Two meanings for Lily of the Valley are sweetness, and return to happiness. They’re also said to guard the garden, and be the flower of the faeries. They’re such charming flowers.

Sweetness is a lovely thing to experience, even for those who might make fun of it. I think that’s only because sweetness lets them feel vulnerable, which is not a bad thing either.

Find the sweetness in your own heart, that you may find the sweetness in every Heart. ~Rumi

Lily of the Valley macro photo by Karen Casey-Smith

Sweetness and Light

It’s so cool to see them at this size. The flowers are so tiny that you can’t really see how amazing they are until you see them in a really close up shot, larger than life.

In May you can find me down on the ground to smell their heavenly fragrance. The blooms last so much longer if you don’t pick them. I was so happy when I saw these bloom this year, especially since I had none flower last year. They are back though, and I expect to have even more next year!

Oh, and just so you’re aware, these would not be a good choice for your garden should you have small children or pets in the yard. All parts of the Lily of the Valley plant are poisonous when ingested!

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