Sweet Violet Syrup

Sweet Violet Syrup is wonderful! It’s a real taste treat with unique flavor.

Last spring I wrote about Sweet Wild Violets originally just because they’re lovely, and a welcome sight each springtime. After a little research I discovered that syrup can be made from the flowers. I determined to try making some the next time they were in bloom.

It was worth the effort, and so much fun to try something new. Picking the flowers was really the only thing that took much time at all. I enjoyed sitting on the grass gathering flowers, which is good, since it takes quite a lot of flower petals to make even an ounce or two. The recipe was quick and easy to make, and the syrup will keep up to six months – if it lasts that long! 🙂

If you make some yourself, just be sure that the violets are growing in soil that has not had chemical fertilizers, or pesticides, applied to it. That limited the amount of flowers I could gather this year, since I could only be sure of the ones growing in our yard. They spread more each spring though, so there will be even more violets next year.

Here’s a picture of some of the syrup I made. The color is a just bit darker in this shot than it looks in person, because of the background and the direction of the light. Like the flowers, it has a lovely color and is full of flavor. I wish I could let you all have a taste. Maybe you’re lucky enough to know the flavor.

Next up, I’m going to try making Violet Ice Cream! Yum!

homemade Sweet Violet Syrup


10 comments to Sweet Violet Syrup

  • Karen, I’ve never seen sweet wild violets, that I know of, nor heard of the syrup, but the idea is fabulous and the photo is so very beautiful–the colors and the feeling are so comforting! Thanks for sharing—-I want to taste!

  • Laurie, thank you, and I wish you could taste it! Sweet Violets grow wild here. They are one of the first flowers that bloom in the spring. The blooms are about an inch or so across, and they have a lovely light scent. Our yard on the side of the house looks purple in the spring because so many are blooming.

  • Karen,
    I’d pay $50 for an oz of that right now! And I’m not kidding!

  • Karen,
    What a splendid story, and your photo, of course, is just lovely. How does the violet syrup taste? the fragrance of violet is supposed to be a very difficult one to duplicate, or even remember….and I remember violets growing on the shady side of our house when I was little.


    • Thank you, Mara! I went and tasted again, thoughtfully, and still can’t seem to come up with an adequate description for the flavor of violets. Both the scent and the flavor are so unique, they’re unlike anything else that I know of. The words that come to mind for the flavor are delicate, surprising/delightful, exotic, and purple. 😉 That doesn’t really describe the taste though!

  • Karen, that looks wonderful. Off to check out the recipe! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Gorgeous pairing, Karen. I use the photo of your vase and violets for my desktop background for spring. Thanks!