She’s Long Gone

Black & White Chicago L (elevated) train speeding by.Early in November I had the opportunity to take the train to the city, and spend the day walking in downtown Chicago. I really enjoy being there among the tall buildings, seeing the amazing architecture, the beautiful parks, and Lake Michigan. There’s a wonderful energy in the city.

After I had walked for hours, I found a cafe that had outdoor tables. It was cold enough that they had no customers that were inclined to sit outside, so I had my pick of tables and chairs. This is where I made this picture of the L train. If you’re not from around here, you might not know about Chicago’s elevated train system. They’re just know as L trains here. The tracks are up above the city streets, high enough so cars can still drive in the two lanes below them. People climb stairs to the platforms to catch the trains.

This image seemed to be a perfect one for black and white, though I left the light trails in color. You can see the train speeding away, and in the lower left side you see a girl, her hair flying as she speeds away too.

It was a fun day, and I felt fortunate to be there. I’ll have more pictures to post a little along. I hope you enjoy them!

Chicago L train speeding by in black and white

She's Long Gone

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