Poppy Pirouette

Poppy Pirouette – photo by Karen Casey-Smith

This pink poppy looks so much like a ballet dancer doing a pirouette against the blue and green background. The delicate flower petals seem to flutter in front of stage lights.

Most often the beautiful blooms last only about a day. I take this as another reminder to stay in the moment, be observant and enjoy the gifts that are present each day.

This particular poppy came from seeds that my grandmother, Inez, gave me years and years ago one time when we visited her. Her garden was always amazing, and she did it all so effortlessly it seemed to me. Growing things was one of her gifts.

Each year I saved the seed heads and grew these for quite a long time. I’m not quite sure how it happened that at one point I no longer had seeds to plant.

What a lovely surprise when this poppy appeared last year. It was in a spot where they’d never grown before. I felt most definitely like I’d received an “I love you” message from my grandmother.  This isn’t the first time this has happened. Though it’s been over a decade since she’s gone on, every couple of years or so, one of her poppies will appear in an unusual spot.

It’s awesome to get love notes. ♥


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