Messages From Nature

Using a little intuition and good common sense, you can learn a lot by being really present and paying attention to Mother Nature. Follow nature’s rhythms, take a walk, play with a pet, eat food in season,  do some gardening, stop and notice the beauty and complexity of a flower. By taking even a small amount of time to do some of these things each day, you’ll feel more calm and grounded, and everything else you do will flow more easily.

Whether you have an animal totem, or simply watch and learn from your pets or other animals and birds you encounter, there’s a wealth of guidance available to you. Maybe you’ll learn about loyalty from your dog, balance your energy by petting your cat, or learn mystic secrets from the blackbird!

A beautiful blackbird and an antique telephone are featured in my newest print, It’s For You, as a whimsical and slightly surreal reminder to give attention to the messages all around us. Mother Nature has a lot to teach us.

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