For The Birds

Do we have any bird lovers here? I love watching birds. Pretty soon after my husband and I bought a home, we put up bird feeders. The squirrels do get their share. It’s an ongoing challenge to see if I can outwit them, and keep them from emptying the bird feeders. They have their own feeder! Currently I’m winning, though the pendulum swings back and forth! 🙂 It’s just amazing to me how many different birds we’ve seen right in our own backyard! I get so excited to see new ones, and take much pleasure in the familiar birds. My binoculars are ever ready, right by the back door.

You can tell when it’s going to turn cold, and then when summer is on its way because of the arrival and departure of the juncos (snowbirds). I love watching the chickadees fly in and get one seed at a time. You can hear the cardinal singing for his mate and declaring his territory. The undulating flight of the goldfinch is poetry, and they are so beautiful. I notice them change colors in spring and for winter. Isn’t is sweet to see the males of different species feed their fluttering mates? We have robins all year round. They love to bathe, even in winter, in the heated bird bath. The migratory birds are an added delight.

I have the honor of being introduced this week in the For The Birds Market Blog at 1000 Markets.  For The Birds is one of many artist/artisan communities that have come together around a theme. Markets are gathering places where merchants can exchange ideas, and customers can browse and talk.  Come on by and check out the For the Birds Market. We have stunning paintings, fine art photography, fine art prints, eye-catching jewelry, lovely ACEO’s and greeting cards, beautiful medicine bags, and awesome bird houses and feeders! All of our products are themed with birds, or are for birds.

3 comments to For The Birds

  • I’m a big bird lover. I have my hummingbird feeder and a sunflower seed feeder for the other birds. I did have a goldfinch feeder which I just loved watching the little goldfinches eat upside down. Their tweets remind me of Cinderella’s birds. So sweet. Of course, my soulmate is Oscar, a orange cheeked amazon parrot which we’ve had for over 25 years. He’s my “pretty pretty birdie-bear”.

  • LMichelle, thanks for posting. You have a great setup! It is a lot of fun. Oscar is a real beauty. I have to get a hummingbird feeder. They are so cool to watch too.

  • Cheryl (Cheri Edwards) Wilkinson

    A blast from the past…..your mom sent me to see your work. Love the pics! You have come a long way!