11 Ways to Feel Better & Shine More Brightly

It’s not that you need to try to shine (no effort is necessary there), just release any thoughts you’re thinking that dim your beautiful light. ♥

Shine like the whole universe is yours. ~ Rumi

Let It ShineThe digital artwork spirals, stars, and light bubbles in this picture were a fun . . . → Read More: 11 Ways to Feel Better & Shine More Brightly

The Lovingkindness Blessing

Lovingkindness Blessing by Karen Casey-Smith (9x12 layout)

This Lovingkindness Blessing is one version of a very old traditional blessing. Say it for yourself, say it for those you love, and (maybe especially) say it for those you’re in conflict with. Say it sincerely, with feeling! and without expectation. Observe the magic of it for yourself. Things will shift in a . . . → Read More: The Lovingkindness Blessing