Butterfly Summer

A butterfly sips from a purple coneflower on a summer day.

Butterfly Summer

A beautiful black butterfly, with blue and yellow-orange on his wings, sips from a purple coneflower. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on this lovely summer day, and smell the soft scent of the blooming echinacea. I honestly never realized echinacea had a scent until this year. It’s soft, subtle scent that’s really very nice. Just be a bit careful if you smell them because the centers of the flowers will poke you in the nose! 😉

Butterflies are considered beneficial because they pollinate plants. As adults, butterflies consume only liquids and these are sucked by means of their proboscis. They feed on nectar from flowers and also sip water from damp patches. Did you ever wonder why butterflies sometimes land on people? Several species of butterflies need more sodium than provided by nectar. They’re attracted to sodium in salt and occasionally land on people, attracted by human sweat.

There’s so much lore about butterflies. They are so beautiful; it’s easy to understand how they have captured the imagination of people of all cultures through time. These are just a few examples.

  • Chinese legend has it that the Butterfly symbolizes an undying bond between lovers. An image of a butterfly is perfect in the home of those who are romantics-at-heart. This symbol can remind us of the energy of love.
  • Butterflies are symbols of transformation, metamorphosis, and joy.
  • Early Christians used the butterfly as a symbol of the soul.
  • Native American Indian legends told that butterflies would carry wishes to the Great Spirit to be granted. One tribe’s legend is that dreams are brought to us in sleep by Butterfly.
  • As a totem, they remind us that life is a dance, and to be aware of the joys in your life. They teach us that growth and transformation don’t have to be traumatic; it can occur gently, sweetly and joyfully.
  • Butterfly is symbolic of free life… as free as our soul.

Thank you, Butterfly. It’s good to be reminded that we can make change difficult or joyful. There are times we just need to remember that we can choose.

Let’s dance!

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